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Updated refer to chinese news - 31/5/2019
Updated refer to chinese news
The Storm Show - 4/6/2017
In 2017, the HK Musical "The Storm Show" as Music Director and Composer
The Musical "Love Ya Mom" (Taiwan) - 4/6/2017
Taiwan Musical "Love Ya Mom" by Godot Theatre Taiwan which has been performed at the Taiwan National Theatre & Concert Hall and all over Taiwan
Dr. Sun Yat Sen - 10/20/2016
In 2016, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Theme song and Soundtrack music for the documentary by CCTV
For the movie "The Last Race" - 6/10/2016
In 2016 Theme Title songs sung by Miss Frances Yip and Soundtrack for an International Film entitled The Last Race
Alan Tam 40th Anniversary Concert - 2/6/2015
In 2015 Alan Tam celebrating the 40th anniversary as Music Director, Conductor, pianist and Arranger/Orchestrator.
The Musical "Shan Hai Jin Chuan" - 6/17/2013
Chris is going to participate the Musical "Shan Hai Jing Chuan" from June 28-30, 2013 at The National Theater.
Chris with Frances.The Music and The Voice - 9/22/2012
Proudly presents the legendary album, CHRIS WITH FRANCES - THE MUSIC AND THE VOICE.
2012 CCTV Chun Jie Wan Hui - 1/22/2012
2012 CCTV Chun Jie Wan Hui Opening Theme
Booey Lehoo Concert 2011 - 12/17/2011
Participated in "Booey Lehoo Concert 2011" on December 17, 2011 with John Legend, Black Eye Peas, Coco Lee & Shunza
Facebook (Official Fan Page) - 12/13/2011
Please visit our Facebook (Official Fan Page)
Proudly presents Chris’ latest album, CHRIS & FRIENDS WITH ELISA - EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE. All 10 songs are remixed by Chris, with a guest appearance by our "DIVA ELISA CHAN". Chris & Elisa definitely will give a surprise to all fans.
Nirvana - The 15th Anniversary of Phoenix TV - 3/31/2011
Chris was the Music Director of "The 15th Anniversary of Phoenix TV - Nirvana"
IFPI Music Award 2010 - 3/25/2011
Chris received an award from IFPI HK "HK Digital Music Award 2010 Top Download - Xin Bu Liao Qing"
Sina Blog - 2/12/2011
Welcome to my Sina Blog at ""
Suzie Wong "The Ballet" - 8/18/2010
Chris & Lily - 8/9/2009
Chris x Lily - A new album release in Aug 9, 2009
New Album - Lana Lo - 8/9/2009
Chris x Lana - A new album release in Aug 9, 2009
Musical "Long River" - 12/12/2008
Chris participated in the premiere of the Huang Mei Diao Musical "Long River", which was held on Dec 12, 2008 at Shanghai Grand Theatre. Chris was the Musical Director and composed all songs for the musicial.
This song "Light The Passion, Share The Dream" is by far the most serious song ever written by me in terms of "Prestige" being chosen the "THE OFFICIAL THEME SONG FOR BEIJING 2008 OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY".

IT really took me very little time (1 Hour) to write this song. I remember the day I wrote this was in my rehearsal room in my BJ Studio Apartment. As I sat down on the piano I imagined the scene looking far out in China Mainland, then looking up the sky and imagining the Olympic Stadium in front of me. I imagined people singing this song together with the Athletes. The duties I had to fulfill in this sing was it had to have a "Grandness" with alot of Depth and Width in terms of imagining the song. Then I needed warmth, power and an appealing "Chorus Section" so as to let people remember the song easily, in other words a commercial touch. What was most difficult was to write the Lyrics in which I had to do some research about the Olympics, it's spirit and other stories which inspired me to write the song. The english version was sung by 2007 Miss World Ladies and the Chinese was sung by Chinese Artists fromTaiwan, and China.

When I left Taiwan in 2006 for Mainland China I had a Dream and that was to be involved somehow with the Olympics as I usually love the Challenge of writing for difficult and challenging projects.

On April 30th 2008 it was announced that my work was the official song and thus I am really honored and happy to be able to do this Project.
Chris & a well-known Italian Director, Guiseppi Tornatore, worked together for the "Vision Beijing" Project in 2008.