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The 15th Anniversay of Phoenix TV - Nirvana - 3/31/2011
Chris was the Music Director of "The 15th Anniversay of Phoenix TV - Nirvana"
Chris & a well-known Italian Director, Guiseppi Tornatore, worked together for the "Vision Beijing" Project in 2008.
Music Director - Miss Chinese Cosmos - 1/1/2006
"Miss Chinese Cosmos" organized by Phoenix Satellite TV - Music Director
Theme Song - Xiong Xin Fei Yang - 1/1/2003
Theme song for Anti-SARS event "Xiong Xin Fei Yang" hosted by CCTV and RTHK and performed by various artists - Composer
Theme song for Miss Chinese Cosmos - 1/1/2003
Theme song for "Miss Chinese Cosmos" organized by Phoenix Satellite TV - Producer, Composer & Arranger
Theme Song - Children In Paradise - 1/1/2002
"Children in Paradise", the theme song of World Vision Taiwan - Composer, Arranger & Producer
Theme Song - Rang Wo Man Xiang Qian Chong - 1/1/2001
Theme song for China National Soccer Team - Arranger & Producer
HKSAR 1st Annivesary Celebration - 7/1/1998
The celebration of Special Administrative Region (S.A.R.) 1st Annivesary
The S.A.R. Government Celebration Program - 7/1/1997